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Why Matcha Konomi?

All of our matcha are hand selected and ground in small batches. Testing is performed to confirm safety of our matcha; our matcha is always free of radiation or lead contamination.

Exclusively 1st Harvest

At Matcha Konomi, all of our matcha are from first harvest. We carry three main varieties that are available throughout the year, and multiple seasonal varieties available only to our subscribers and partner coffee shops given their limited quantities. 

Note: We do NOT carry any second/third harvest or "cullinary" matcha blends. 

Akira Matcha

Akira Matcha is our most popular matcha powder, and it is currently "Amazon's choice" for the "ceremonial matcha" category. It is an organic ceremonial grade matcha, and it is perfect for sipping as a tea or for creating unsweetened-to-lightly sweetened matcha lattes. Akira Matcha has a creamy, mild, and a pleasantly vegetal flavor. This Matcha does not need to be sifted, and can be easily whisked or shaken without leaving clumps. 

Oishi Matcha

Oishi Matcha is our organic gourmet matcha powder. This matcha was developed specifically for creating high-end food items and beverages made with multiple additional ingredients. Compared to "ceremonial matcha", Oishi Matcha will have a stronger green tea flavor that will be easier to surface when mixed with other ingredients. Compared to "culinary matcha", it is of higher quality (first harvest instead of second/third harvest), it will have a more appealing taste (significantly less astringent than "culinary matcha"), and it will give food items a more beautiful color (bright green instead of yellowish-green).

Amaya Matcha

Amaya Matcha is our non-organic variety, and it is also a ceremonial matcha powder from Uji, Kyoto. Amaya Matcha has a subtly sweet flavor that is full of character for a robust umami, impossible to put in words! With non-organic ceremonial matcha, there a potential of reaching a higher umami profile, a sweeter taste, and a more vibrant jade green color. Given that it is a non-organic matcha, we test it for pesticides as customer safety is our priority; NO pesticides detected above permitted levels. This Matcha needs to be sifted before it's used to prevent clumps. 

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I first tried Matcha Konomi when I started getting more “serious” about my matcha, and chose it from among the many options on Amazon. There was never a question of going back! I drink the Akira matcha as tea and in a barely honey sweetened latte daily. I love the quality of this product, and the care that has gone into its selection and grade!

Deb B

Thank you for your lovely Akira Ceremonial Grade Organic Matcha. The texture is smooth, the taste is clean and bright. I trust the process of your tea making and am so happy to have found a tea I rely on and buy monthly. Delicious and Beautiful!

Kansas prince

Hi, I’m clicking on amya matcha but it is not loading

Matcha Konomi

Thank you very much for your sharing your experience! 🙏😊

Lianne B. Chong

Akira Matcha JUST ROCKS! I look forward to my daily unsweetened almond milk matcha latte in the afternoon. I’ve tried other matcha from other areas of Japan, mostly organic; and there is no comparison. The Akira Matcha is ground so fine, dinner than most of the other matcha I’ve tried, but easily dissolves in what ever liquid that it is added to. And the taste, is much smoother: a bit on the earthier side with a sweet finish and aftertaste. Very smooth when drunk alone. Simply superb!

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