Oishi Organic Gourmet Matcha (3 sizes)

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Features of Oishi Matcha (おいしい) by Matcha Konomi


  • 100% pure Matcha green tea powder with no additives or fillers
  • Premium quality
  • First harvest gourmet Matcha
  • Certified organic (USDA and JAS)
  • Product of Uji (宇治), a small city located in the Kyoto prefecture of Japan


Please read before purchase


  • Oishi Matcha was developed specifically for creating high-end food items and beverages made with multiple additional ingredients. Compared to "ceremonial matcha", Oishi Matchawill have a stronger green tea flavor that will be easier to surface when mixed with other ingredients. Compared to "culinary matcha", it is of higher quality (first harvest instead of second/third harvest), it will have a more appealing taste (significantly less astringent than "culinary matcha"), and it will give food items a more beautiful color (jade green instead of yellowish-green).
  • If you are interested in drinking matcha as a tea (with water only) or in an unsweetened latte, we recommend using ceremonial matcha like our Akira Matcha or Amaya Matcha. If you are interested in drinking matcha in a sweetened latte or in smoothies, we recommend using Oishi Matcha. If you have already tried drinking "ceremonial matcha" and found yourself to favor a stronger green tea flavor, Oishi Matcha will be a great choice.

    Buying Bulk Sizes: 

    Matcha powder is a very delicate and sensitive product. Please do not leave an open bag of matcha powder on your kitchen counter – when exposed to elements such as heat, air, moisture, or light, matcha will lose its flavor, freshness, and color within days. 

    Unopened matcha bags will last about one year if kept in a cool and dark environment. After opening the bag, it should be used within two months. 

    The best way to keep your matcha fresh after opening is to store it tightly sealed in a cool, dark and dry place, ideally in your fridge. Make sure it’s always tightly sealed, not to get wet. We also recommend allowing it to come to room temperature before opening the container. 

    Another tip for the matcha bags is to transfer small amounts of your matcha powder to a smaller air tight container for daily use and store that smaller container in the fridge, while keeping your bag tightly sealed in the freezer for longer term storage. Freezing is an ideal way to store matcha that you think you won't use for a while. Check out beautiful Handmade Japanese Washi Paper Tea Canisters here.