The 4 Matcha Benefits You Need to Know!


Matcha is also rich in the amino acid L-theanine. L-theanine is believed to promote alpha waves in the brain[3], and possibly raise the levels of Dopamine, Serotonin and GABA[4], and those are neurotransmitters that play a very important role in determining mood and mental state. This is the reason why L-theanine is believed to have the ability to reduce stress[5], boost mood, and get you closer to that sense of cognitive synergy. The combined effect of L-theanine and caffeine is believed to be responsible for what is called the "calming focus" that is often described by Matcha drinkers.[8]


Matcha contains significantly more antioxidants than regular green tea, and more antioxidants than any "super-food". [6] 


Drinking Matcha green tea is believed to increase metabolism and help the body burn fat faster than average. [1][2][7]


Matcha has significantly less caffeine than coffee (around 34mg per serving of Matcha compared to 90-200mg per serving of regular coffee), but the caffeine in Matcha is believed to be slowly absorbed into the body producing long lasting energy (up to 4-6 hours) with less likelihood of jitters.


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