The Beginnings

Michelle, our Founder, has started Matcha Konomi with a combined passion for matcha and healthy eating. The home of Matcha Konomi is Corpus Christi, TX, and it specialized in healthy on-the-go food items and matcha-based beverages.

Matcha Konomi was a huge hit right from the start, winning local people’s choice awards and getting featured on multiple TV channels and magazines. 


Growth of matcha konomi

Matcha Konomi continued to grow, was quickly recognized outside the community, and people were driving hours to try the menu! Specialty matcha lattes were catered at events across the country, and Matcha Konomi was invited to gift their famous matcha lattes to celebrities during the 2017 Academy Awards.


Matcha tea powder

Even before starting Matcha Konomi, Michelle has never been satisfied with the matcha in the US market. Bringing matcha from the source became possible when the demand went up excessively, and she finally had the ability to travel, build connections, and eventually partner directly with farmers and tea makers in Yame and Uji, Japan.

Using the right matcha makes a huge difference in the taste, something customers picked up on quickly and were always requesting to buy the actual matcha powder for use at home. Each variety of matcha offered was hand selected by Michelle and the Matcha Konomi team, and was produced in collaboration with multi-generation tea farmers and masters. It is the constant synergetic work with counterparts in Japan, the years of experience serving matcha, and the constructive feedback from thousands of customers that made finding the "right" matcha possible. Matcha Konomi is now a leading matcha supplier in North America, and with a growing number of international clients as well. 


Women owned and lead

Matcha Konomi is proudly a women-owned and women-led company. We are also proud that more than 30% of our staff in the United States are veteran spouses and Japanese Americans.


A world where everybody can enjoy excellent quality matcha at an affordable price.


Educating the world on matcha, producing delicious and safe matcha powder, and ensuring the happiness of our customers and employees.