First cup of matcha!

How to prepare matcha (2-3 minutes):

    1. Heat water to 160-170°F or let fully boiled water cool down (for ~3 mins) to feel hot but not burning. 

    2. Place ½ to 1 tea spoon (1 tea spoon equals 2 bamboo scoops) of matcha powder into a bowl.

    3. Pour 3-5 oz of water to fill about 1/3 way up in the bowl. Use less water for a stronger flavor, more water for a lighter flavor. 

    4. Use a bamboo matcha whisk, and hold it vertically, from the top, not from the side.

    5. Whisk back-n-forth rapidly in a straight line, not in a circle, forming "M" and "W" shapes.

    6. Move your hand at the wrist point, without moving your arm. Relax your shoulder and elbow. Don't push hard on the bottom of the bowl. 

    7. After the bowl is full of bubbly foam, slow down gradually in a "W" pattern around the bowl to reduce the big bubbles into smooth microfoam.

    8. When you see a calm frothy surface, gently circulate the whisk and lift it up elegantly.

  • If you don't have a bamboo whisk, you can use a handheld frother or a blender to dissolve the powder in water.

  • If you don't have any matcha tool, watch this video. (link will take you where you need to start watching)


How was your first cup of matcha? :)

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