Frequently Asked Questions

How is Matcha Konomi different?
We have extensive experience serving matcha based beverages and we know exactly what customers and baristas are looking for. The right matcha does not only taste delicious, it must also be finely ground and smooth enough for clumps to dissolve quickly and efficiently. Customers are becoming more educated about what excellent quality matcha is like, and serving the wrong matcha can be disastrous and difficult to recover from. We highly recommend you consult with us if you have no experience serving matcha. 
Do you carry “culinary grade” matcha?
We do not carry culinary matcha. We only carry high quality first harvest matcha powder, including ceremonial grade matcha. 
What types of matcha do you carry?
We have four main types of matcha that are available through out the year to cover your needs, whether you are serving matcha as a tea (with water only), in lattes, in smoothies, or in baked goods and desserts. We also have seasonal matcha powders that are produced in very small batches, but those are only available to our subscribing customers.
Where does the matcha ship from?
If your business is located in North America, your order will be shipped from our warehouses in the United States. If your business is located outside North America, you order will be shipped from Japan.
What are your wholesale prices? 
Pricing will be available to you after you contact us and introduce your business. We guarantee that our prices are the lowest in the market for high quality matcha powder.
What is the "Minimum Order Quantity"?
Upon approval to our wholesale program, your business may make orders with no "minimum order quantity". In fact, we recommend that you do not order more matcha than what your business needs, as matcha is a sensitive product and its quality deteriorates with the passage of time. We grind tencha to matcha twice a month, and what your order will always be fresh.