Harvey Relief Fund

DONATE HERE: Hurricane Harvey Local Relief For our Home of the Coastal Bend

As we return to Corpus Christi after Hurricane Harvey, we come back with heavy hearts. While our home and office only sustained minor damages, our friends and family over in the coastal areas have suffered loss beyond comprehensions. These areas were completely destroyed and its heartbreaking. Furthermore, Harvey continues its path of devastation up in Houston. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone suffering and with those still fighting for their lives.

If you want to help, we are working with our friends over at the the Disaster Coordination Team (DDC Unit20), they are currently on the ground in the Port Aransas and Rockport, Texas areas working tirelessly around the clock to help and rescue those still stranded and in need. 

While there are numerous amazing organizations taking donations, clothing, food and water, we decided to set up this campaign to give you a more direct on the ground way to help.

We are asking for $5, $10, $15+  micro donations to give directly to those in need. While we do not have a recipient(s) for these funds yet, we can assure you we will find people who need it the most. We are a local business and we know of many friends and family suffering and in desperate need of financial support . Sometimes these larger organizations have so much red tape, people fall between the cracks and get left behind. We aim to bridge this gap and find those truly suffering. We are looking for families and local organizations that will work directly with those impacted by this devastating disaster.  If you know anyone in the coastal ares around Rockport and Port Aransas desperately in need, please let us know. Once funds start coming in, we can begin to disperse as needed.

We will update this page often with where these funds go .

100% of these funds will go directly to those suffering and in need.