Matcha white chocolate covered pretzels

Matcha white chocolate covered pretzels are a easy sweet snack or ad delicious item to take to parties or get-togethers! Here is the simple recipe:

  1.  Have your supplies ready: your favorite pretzels, parchment paper, 2-3 baking pans, 1-2 bags white chocolate chips, 1 1/12 tablespoon Oishi or Akira matcha, coconut oil (optional, but is a great softener for the chocolate.), Optional: Regular or dark chocolate chips if you would like to make more in regular chocolate flavors.
  2. Melt a half bag of white chocolate chips in the microwave for 30 second bursts stirring occasionally, add about a half spoon full coconut oil if you’d like the consistency to be smoother. Then add 1 tablespoon matcha, and mix. Repeat these steps for other white chocolate in a separate bowl and regular chocolate if you would like a mix of chocolates, without adding the matcha.
  3. Take a fork or your hand to dunk or dip each pretzel into the the various chocolate flavors. If you’d like to be extra fun drizzle another chocolate flavor onto various pretzels.
  4. Let the pretzels harden. To speed up the hardening process pop them in the fridge for a few hours or overnight.

They are super easy to make and delicious! Have fun dipping, drizzling and dunking each pretzel to perfection! 🥰

matcha and white chocolate covered pretzels

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