Matcha Crepe Cake

Matcha crepe cake is a delicate and delicious dessert. Filled with cream and your choice of jam filling in between layers of smooth matcha flavored crepes, it is bound your to make your taste buds sing!

Here is what you will need:

3 large eggs

190 ml heavy cream

2 tablespoons Oishi Matcha powder

190 ml milk

5 tbsp granulated sugar

vanilla extract 1 teaspoon

35 grams vegetable oil

120 grams cake flour

 butter for frying pan

6 tbs water

matcha powder for dusting on top of cake

Cream or jam layers (or you can include both!)

Your choice of jam- a berry kind is preferred 

360 ml heavy cream

105 grams powdered sugar

Supplies needed:

8" round non-stick pan


mixing bowls



medium sized pot


Measuring cups and spoons  

    Instructions on how to make crepes:

    1. Heat milk, sugar and cream on medium heat. Heat until combined and sugar is dissolved and mixture is warm.
    2. Blend the milk, cream and sugar mixture with the eggs, oil, flour, and Oishi Matcha powder together. Do not over blend.
    3. Set up a fine mesh sieve over the bowl and add cake flour, matcha powder, and baking powder. Sift and add half of the dry ingredients into the batter. Whisk and combine the dry and wet ingredients together.
    4. Next pour two equal amounts into two bowls
    5. Let the mixture rest in the fridge for an hour or more in the fridge. 
    6. Before cooking the crepes add 1-3 tablespoons of milk or water to thin out the batter.
    7. Heat your 8" round non-stick pan on medium heat, then coat with butter until it sizzles.
    8. Using a ladle pour the batter into the pan and swirl the pan until it fully covers the bottom of the pan. 
    9. Cook for about 2 minutes, the crepe will begin to bubble. You can flip and remove the crepe from the pan with a spatula, be careful not to tea the crepe. Make sure your crepes are not too thick and not cooked for too long. You don't want them to be crispy, they should be fluffy and light for your matcha crepe cake. 
    10. After the first crepe is made watch them closely and cook each side for 1-2 mins. Repeat these steps for the other crepes between each crepe just adding a small pat of butter onto the pan. Recipe can make between 20-25 crepes if you feel you need more, repeat the steps above.
    Instructions on how to make cream:
      1. Place mixers and bowl in freezer to chill. This will make the cream easier to whip. 
      2. After bowl and mixers have chilled, place heavy cream in the bowl whip on a low speed until it begins to get creamy. Then add in powdered sugar and mix on a medium speed until fully combined and creamy. Do not over-whip, stop beating when the creamy is glossy and thick.
      3. Optional you can either add pink food coloring to half of the layers to make a beautiful pink contrast in some of the layers or instead add jam in-between some layers.

    How to assemble crepe cake:

    1. Use cream immediately after making, start to assemble.
    2. Spread a thin layer of cream or jam, you can also use chocolate as well or a chocolate cream. There are many ways to add your favorite sweet ingredients! 
    3. Layer each crepe and let sit in an airtight container.
    4. Before serving, sift matcha powder or powdered sugar over the crepe cake and enjoy! 

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