This 5-Minute Morning Routine Can Improve Your Entire Day!

Matcha can help all yoga enthusiasts get into the state of mind for a perfect morning session that will not only awaken and energize your body, but set you up for a productive day!  

Matcha has significantly less caffeine than coffee (around 34mg per serving of matcha compared to 90-200mg per serving of regular coffee), but the caffeine in matcha is believed to be slowly absorbed into the body producing long lasting energy with less likelihood of jitters. Matcha is also rich in the amino acid L-theanine. L-theanine is believed to promote alpha waves in the brain[1], and possibly raise the levels of Dopamine, Serotonin and GABA[2], and those are neurotransmitters that play a very important role in determining mood and mental state. This is the reason why L-theanine is believed to have the ability to reduce stress[3], boost mood, and get you closer to that sense of cognitive synergy, and that pared with the caffeine effect will produce what is called a "calming focus"; which is exactly what we want to achieve with yoga and meditation.[4][5][6]


How to use Matcha with this Morning Yoga Routine?

When drinking Matcha for Yoga, it’s all about the potency of the Matcha you consume. Thick Matcha (Koicha) is the ultimate key to achieve that energy and focus during your morning yoga session. However, if you are new to Matcha, make sure you start with the typical serving size to test your body's response, then go up only as you feel comfortable. 

How To Prepare Thick Matcha (Koicha) 

Yoga Routine: Sun Salutations 

We had the pleasure to meet with Yoga Instructor Lau Llanes to learn a simple routine called Sun Salutations. She recommends you follow this routine and repeat 3-5 times for a quick 5 minute workout after you have had your cup of Matcha. 

This is a power combo to ease your achy body, relieve stress and anxiety, energize yourself, and set you up for a productive day.

See Full Video on How-To: Matcha + Yoga Mornings! 

Tell us your thoughts and share your experience in the comments below!  

Lau Llanes - Yoga Instructor Cancun Mexico

Picture credit: Lau Planes, Cancun Mexico

Lau Llanes - Yoga Instructor Cancun Mexico
Picture credit: Lau Planes, Cancun Mexico


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