Chit Chat & Matcha with @Megeatsworld

Meet Instagrams @Megeatsworld. Read her inspiring story below and find out how she overcame anorexia and is now using her knowledge to help and inspire others through a career of nutrition and health.

Who is @megeatsworld?

I’m a 22-year-old, originally from Connecticut and now in North Carolina. I graduated from college (Wake Forest University) with a degree in exercise science and now I’m taking graduate classes at UNCG for nutrition. My main goal is to become an RD. Megeatsworld is someone who likes to post REAL food, tips, and thoughts throughout the day, centered around overall wellness and balance, and ED recovery. Hopefully, you find some of it funny, too!

Have you always been so health conscious?

I’d say that I have always been health conscious, but only since my recovery from anorexia nervosa have I become health conscious for the right reasons. I genuinely think it’s so awesome that every time we eat is a chance to nourish our bodies and do something good for ourselves!

What inspired you to be so passionate about health and wellness? 

My recovery really sparked my passion for wellness. I realized that food is truly medicine and the best way to prevent pretty much any health problem.

    What inspired you into being and RD

    During my undergrad experience studying exercise science, I took one nutrition class that I absolutely loved. I also began to see how good it felt to me when people asked me for nutrition advice and I was able to answer. Food, health, and wellness, in general, are my passions and being an RD is a job that will allow me to combine my passion with my work!


      Is it challenging being a student and maintaining such a healthy lifestyle? What advice could you give another student, and other young people leading a busy life, who find it hard to stay on track with their health goals.

        Personally I don’t find it hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle while busy, but actually, find it a way to stay sane through it all. I make time for exercise because it makes me feel good and is my time during the day to myself. Food wise, I know that when I eat well, my brain and body can perform optimally. If I’m not eating well, I really notice in every aspect- like sleep, focus, energy, etc. Obviously though, eating well includes ice cream (my weakness).


          How do you come up with all your delicious recipes? Have you always considered yourself a great cook? Any advice for people who find these pictures and recipes intimidating? 

            I actually don’t think I’m a great cook at all! The thing about my recipes is that they all take maybe 20 minutes tops! I just get so impatient when it comes to food that I don’t want to wait for any more than that! So for anyone who may be intimidated- I just want to say please don’t be! Most of my recipes I think of when I’m doing something like walking to class or taking a shower (aka not trying to think of recipes). I keep a running note in my phone of recipes I want to try and just take from that when I feel like trying something new!


              How did you learn about matcha? 

                I honestly don’t really remember how I found out about matcha. It may have been when I saw the little packets at Trader Joe’s and bought them. I always research new foods before incorporating them into my diet (especially things like spices, adaptogens, and drinks since they can act as drugs in your body. It’s so important to do your own research before adding new things). When I was researching matcha, I just became more and more intrigued. It was crazy to me that matcha had 20 times the antioxidants as a cup of green tea, which I had always thought to be an antioxidant powerhouse.

                I love drinking it mid-afternoon as a pick-me-up, but have also been experimenting with adding it to foods.

                  What do you love most about matcha? 

                    I love how when I drink it, I get a noticeable boost of energy but without any jitters. I also love that the flavor pairs so well with fruits, because I love mixing it into fruity herbal teas.

                      As a future RD, who would you most recommend matcha to? 

                        I’d recommend matcha to people who are sensitive to caffeine to replace their coffee (it still does contain caffeine, but not as much as coffee). I’d also recommend it to people who are genetically predisposed to cancer- the antioxidants protect us from free radicals which are linked to cancer.

                        I’d honestly also recommend it to everyone else too, just because it tastes good!!!

                        Last words form Megan:

                        The last thing I’ll like to share is a phrase that I was told in the midst of my eating disorder that helped immensely in my recovery process. And that is “to be your own best friend.” Treat yourself like you would a best friend, meaning be kind to yourself and let yourself have ice cream 😊


                        Megan's Favorite Matcha Recipes: 
                        Instagram @megeatsworld favorite Matcha Konomi Matcha Recipe
                        To drink- I love steeping some peach or lemon tea and blending in matcha and stevia, then pouring it over ice.

                        To eat- add it to smoothies! I made a really good blueberry matcha one with almond milk, zucchini, avocado, blueberries, and matcha.

                        Chia pudding! ¼ cup chia seeds and 1 cup liquid (nut milk mixed with matcha) and let it sit in the fridge overnight.

                         You can find Megan on Instagram at @megeatsworld and contact her via her email address

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