Chit Chat & Matcha with @MamaMatcha!

We are excited to highlight this amazing mama and her personal journey to health, healing and matcha. Check out her story below, it's truly inspiring and we couldn't be more proud to be featuring her on our blog! We encourage you to read the full Q&A and share it with your friends who could potentially benefit from reading her story. Also don't forget to check out her new website and follow her on social media.


Interview with Tanya aka @MamaMatcha on IG

1. Who is @MamaMatcha?
My name is Tanya or you can call me MamaMatcha :) I'm 27 years old with a 1-year-old son named Noah. I recently struggled with postpartum & hormone imbalance. Which all lead me to look into a more natural healing approach. And just overall smarter choices in my lifestyle.

2. How did you learn about matcha and who introduced you to it?
I learned about matcha through my holistic doctor. After seeing her matcha recipes I knew I had to try it. I had to find a replacement for my morning coffee. And of course, I loved it. I didn't miss coffee one bit. Soon after I started playing with recipes and now have many ways to customize my matcha lattes!

3. Why did you start drinking matcha?
After being told I had adrenal fatigue coffee was the first to be cut out. But I was on a hunt for some caffeine to add to my morning ritual. As a mom having a little help in the morning is essential. And being able to drink matcha any time during the day without affecting my sleep is an awesome bonus. I could never have coffee past 11 am because I would have trouble with sleep. And this momma loves her sleep.

4. What do you love most about matcha?
First, I love the taste. For that reason alone I never went back to coffee even after my adrenals are healed. And second, the energy it gives me feels more steady as opposed to the coffee up and then down crash. And last, the L-theanine in matcha. I'll take all the L-theanine a woman can have. It's calming and in my world I'll take calming any day.

5. What is your favorite matcha recipe?  
My favorite matcha recipe 🍵✨
Iced Coconut Matcha
∙ 1 tsp matcha
∙ 6-8 oz filtered water
∙ 2 tbsp coconut butter
∙ 1/2 tsp maca
∙ 1 tbsp collagen
∙ vanilla extract ∙ cinnamon ∙ stevia (optional)

6. Why would you recommend matcha to others?
I love to recommend matcha to everyone because of the amazing health benefits! I mean here's just a few: antioxidants, healthy heart, brain power, chlorophyll source, & skin health!
I think anyone would benefit from a cup of matcha and would very much enjoy it.

You can find @MamaMatcha here!
Instagram: mamamatcha_

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