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A Message from our Founder! 

I am truly happy you received your Akira Matcha! Here are few things you should know about Akira Matcha:

  • 100% Organic!
  • Premium Quality Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder!
  • From the Famous Tea Region, Uji, Kyoto, Japan!

Weather you are new to Matcha or a long time fan, I invite you to check out our recipe section for some tips and ideas on how to be creative with your Matcha at home!

Matcha Konomi Original Recipes - How to use Matcha Green Tea at home!

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Feel free to contact me directly at michelle@matchakonomi.com with any questions or comments. I'm only an email away!

Now enough with the chit-chat! Go sip up and enjoy every cup of your Matcha as much as we do!


Founder of Matcha Konomi
Michelle Fraedrick Founder and CEO of Matcha Konomi


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