About Us

Matcha Konomi was born from her passion for matcha and a desire to run her own small business. Michelle, our Founder, enjoyed her matcha daily, at home, for years before deciding to try it out within her community. Many people ask her where she got the idea from, and she always describes it as one of those "light bulb" moments where her passion for matcha became an idea, and the idea blossomed almost instantly. 

Michelle started by simply posting her unique matcha latte on Instagram. She was confident that her recipe was delicious and that people were going to love it for its taste and endless list of health benefits. It was new to the community and most people had not heard of matcha green tea but were curious. People from all over town were calling and messaging her to try her "matcha latte", and within the first week of posting about it, she was delivering over 150 of her matcha lattes daily!

With her two toddlers in the car and all over town, making these large deliveries took them all day which was exhausting and tough on her two girls, particularly that she found herself relying on fast food more often than not. That was when she realized that she needed to incorporate healthy fast food along with her specialty matcha and start a physical location.

With her limited resources as a single mom, she built a food truck with her own hands, and officially started Matcha Konomi in Corpus Christi, TX, that specialized in healthy fast food and matcha-based beverages.

Matcha Konomi was a huge hit right from the start! Within the first month she even won the people's choice award for the best food truck in town, and was featured on multiple TV channels and magazines.

Matcha Konomi continued to grow in a steady manner and was quickly recognized outside her community. People were driving hours to try her product, she delivered her lattes on dry ice and catered for events across the country, and Matcha Konomi was even invited to gift their famous matcha lattes to celebrities during the Academy Award 2017.

Even before starting Matcha Konomi, Michelle has never been satisfied with the Matcha in the US market. When her demand went up excessively, she finally had the ability to travel, build connections, and eventually partner directly with farmers and tea makers in Yame and Uji, Japan. Using the right Matcha makes a huge difference in the taste, which is something her customers picked up on quickly and were always requesting to buy the actual Matcha powder for use at home, and that was what encouraged her to make her unique Matcha available on the kitchen shelves of her customers. That Matcha powder is hand selected by Michelle every harvest based on what she believes most of her customers would enjoy. It is her years of experience serving Matcha, and receiving feedback from her thousands of customers, what makes finding the "right" Matcha possible.

Despite the phenomenal feedback, there were always frustrations as to the location and hours. Michelle had to start looking into solutions, and her passion for Matcha and providing Matcha to everyone led her to broaden her vision, as there must be a better way to make her exclusive recipes available for even more Matcha lovers. That was when she decided to change directions to partnering and working with like-minded cafes, juice shops and restaurants. A vision in which premium matcha and signature recipes are available for everyone, everywhere.