Amaya and Akira Matcha Green Tea are speciality tea powder shade grown and hand picked premium quality tea leaves

What is unique about Matcha from Uji?

"The taste was mild, subtly sweet, and full of character.
After years of trying different types of Matcha,
it didn't take me more than a single sip to decide that
this is what I want my customers to experience;
this is what I want my matcha to taste like!"
Michelle Fraedrick
Founder of Matcha Konomi


Uji has been famous for its superior quality tea for hundreds of years. The hill country of Uji along the Uji River has an ideal environment for the production of Matcha (Both; organically, and non-organically). All of our Matcha are hand selected  and ground in small batches. Safety testing is performed to confirm safety of all of our Matcha powders; our Matcha is always free of radiation, lead, and pesticides contamination.

1- Akira Matcha™
This Matcha powder is 100% organic and of a premium quality and ceremonial grade. Akira Matcha has a creamy, mild, and a pleasantly vegetal flavor. This Matcha does not need to be sifted, and can be easily whisked or shaken without leaving clumps. 

2- Amaya Matcha™

With non-organic Matcha there is a potential of reaching a higher umami profile and a sweeter flavor. This Matcha powder is of an ultra-premium quality and ceremonial grade. Amaya Matcha has subtly sweet flavor that is full of character for a robust umami impossible to put in words! This Matcha needs to be sifted before it's used to prevent clumps. 


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